Premier Steel Technologies is a specialist custom rollforming company based in Wetherill Park in Sydney. Established in 1980, Premier Steel has earned an enviable record of manufacturing a wide variety of rollformed products from many material types and thicknesses.

What is Rollforming?

Rollforming is a process where a metal strip is fed from a coil and passed through a series of paired rollers to form a profile. The gap between the rolls is set to the material thickness and the metal is progressively formed into the desired shape, then cut to a pre-programmed length – and the process continues.

Benefits of Rollforming

There are many manufacturing methods used to form metal into shapes and each has their own advantages and limitations.

If a product needs to be manufactured in large volumes, have consistent profiles, accurate lengths and requires processes like holes or slots to be punched during production, the most practical, efficient and cost-effective method is rollforming.

A rollforming machine can be dedicated to one high-volume product, or can be set up to make a number of products, with specific rollset and tooling used to manufacture each product as required.

Custom rollforming is the ideal way for customers to manufacture products that are seasonal or only need small production runs and don’t want to incur the cost of having their own machine. They simply own the tooling and order product when required.

This is where Premier Steel Technologies specialise. With a range of rollforming machines, we have the capability to manufacture your products when you need and in the volumes you want.

We turn Coil Steel into products