Hilton Dupen has been primarily responsible for developing rollforming machinery to roll profiles in hi-tensile steel which, hitherto were not believed possible. I would say he is regarded in the industry as a person who is most likely able to produce a product most other Rollform manufacturers could not. He has been a pleasure to deal with and the company has always been willing to help wherever and whenever they could for us to meet a deadline.

Ian W Davie , General Manager, Steel Tough Industries

I am delighted to offer testimony in support of Premier Steel. The Company operates in a scrupulously honest manner and the efficiency of production output relative to manufacturing work is extraordinarily high. Production quality is quite excellent, and consistently maintained…

Bill Moody , Country Field Service Manager, Australian Design Council

Hilton Dupen has worked under contract for Pierlite and has built 4 roll line production units and has operated these on behalf of Pierlite in his own factory, Premier Steel Technologies. We have found him to be an excellent engineer, manufacturer and supplier, particularly since rollforming is a most difficult metal fabrication technique. We have to say that Mr Dupen is Australia’s leading exponent of this technique.

Peter Joyce , Chief Executive, Pierlite Pty Ltd

Our experience of dealing with Premier Steel Technologies over a 15 year period with their very positive CAN DO attitude has been extremely satisfying and rewarding. Premier Steel are always very willing and helpful with the development and manufacture of difficult products. Often other and bigger companies are unable or unwilling to make the extra effort and commitment that the amazing team at Premier Steel are prepared to do. Anyone embarking on a special project or require manufacturing needs should contact the experienced staff at Premier Steel Technologies.

Mike Jones , Managing Director, Ezyclip Fencing Systems

Rondo has had a long association with Premier Steel Technologies. They have been instrumental in the production of many profiles and a valued manufacturer of some of our smaller volume products, and have also assisted in the development and commissioning of many rollset and tooling designs for numerous products. They are always helpful, innovative and a great team to work with and consistently produce quality products for us. I would happily recommend them to any company looking to manufacture rollforming products in Australia.

Sergio Cariolato , Project Development Manager, Rondo Building Services Pty Ltd

Premier Steel Technologies are recognised throughout the rollforming industry of NSW to be a leader in rollforming technology and practices…we hold Premier Steel and its management to be reliable and of the highest integrity in all business and personal dealings…

J V Fergusson , Managing Director, Industrial Rollformers Pty Ltd

I have known Hilton Dupen for about fifteen years and have had many business dealings with him, involving Rollforming and Rollform Products. I have come to respect and admire Hilton and I believe he is one of the most expert persons I know of in the field of Rollform Design & Production.

J. Abrahams , General Manager, Creeks Metal Industries Pty Ltd (NSW Division)

We would like to thank the team at Premier Steel Technologies for the support shown to our company over the past 25 years. They have helped our company grow by supporting us in the development and manufacture of various products over that period, including some long span products and quite complex brackets. We are continually amazed at the challenges that Premier will take on – and accomplish. It is with pleasure we offer this referral for Premier Steel.

Roy Beaumont , Managing Director, Spantec Systems Pty Limited

Hilton Dupen is considered as the leading expert in his field of rollforming products. He was instrumental in the development of many innovative building related products including many using grades of steel that have previously not been rollformed. He is innovative in his approach and should any company be looking for a contract processor of quality, reliability and efficiency, his company, Premier Steel is solid as is his reputation.

Ian Robertson , Managing Director, Coil Steels Group Pty Ltd